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Aping The Western Culture :

It is now more than sixty years when the British left our country and we became a free nation. But sadly, the west still dominates our way of life and thinking. The younger generation apes everything that is typical of the Western culture. They ape their fashions in dress, their music, dances even their habits of food. By doing so, they think they can give an impression of being modern. But to me , the fact is quire the opposite. By aping Western culture, they do nothing but give an impression of being thick-headed clown. They have gone so crazy for the Western styles that they have forgotten all about their own culture and traditions. They don’t know what Holi or Diwali is about but they know all about the Valentine’s Day. They would hardly ever visit a temple, but would never miss visiting a bar or coffee house. They prefer fast and junk foods to the fresh and pure foods cooked at home. ‘Hellos’ and ‘Byes’ have taken the place of respectful ‘Namasteys’. In the name of liberalism and modernism, all sense of shame and decency has been thrown to the winds. The younger generation must remember that the sun (the symbol of all light and knowledge) rises in the east and sets in the west.

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