Paragraph for Car Craze And Pollution,Essay pollution in India

Car pollution in Delhi.

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Owning a car has become a status symbol these days. However, the increase in the number of cars has added to various types of pollution and other problems.

There is no doubt that the standard of living has increased. People are now far better off than they were some years ago. They are now able to enjoy even the luxuries of life. There are many things which people don’t actually need to have. Yet they go in for such things. Cars and cell phones are two such things. There is no harm in having a thing if you can afford to have it. But one must think before having a thing if it can harm oneself or others. Cars are one such thing. Having a car has become a status symbol these days. Many people don’t actually need to have a car or more than one car. Yet they would have one to show off. This craze has led to a serious problem. It has added to the degree of pollution in the air. Thus the car-owners forget that with every new car, they are harming their own health as well as that of others. The poisonous fumes by the increased number of cars. They have made our roads and streets very congested. It has become a problem to find spaces for their parking even. people must think over it and put a check over their harmful craze of owning cars.

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