Paragraph for Dangerous Mosquitoes,Paragraph for Mosquito Menace

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The Mosquito Menace ;

With the onset of the monsoons, the mosquitoes have also arrived.

Come monsoons, come mosquitoes ! If monsoons bring us pleasant relief from the scorching heat of the summer, they also bring mosquitoes that one only suck our blood, but also give us a painful itching. These little impish creatures keep themselves hidden during the day and start invading in swarms as soon as the nights falls. They make it literally impossible to sleep in the open. And those who do, have to keep their bodies covered from head to foot. The richer ones put up mosquito nets round their beds, but it somehow even one mosquito gets into the net, it is enough to give one a sleepless night. Mosquitoes force people to shut themselves up in their bedrooms even on hot summer nights. But the clever mosquito creeps in there also. People have to adopt different measures to save themselves from this terrible enemy. They switch on their electric fans at full speed so that the mosquito is not able to stand the strong current of air. People also use various kinds of mosquito repellents which can be in the from of some cream, spray or smoky substance. Nowadays, we have some electrical devices also to ward off the mosquitoes. But with every new repellent that man discovers, the mosquito too seems to grow stronger, bolder and cleverest.

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