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The Hazards Of Mobile Phones :

Some years ago, the mobile phone was considered to be a things of luxury and a commodity for the rich. Very few people, perhaps one among thousands, could be seen talking on a mobile phone. But now mobile phones have become so common that hardly anybody takes notice of them. They can be seen in the hands of the young and the old alike. Even school-going boys and girls can be seen carrying mobiles phones in the hands.                                              The mobile phones have brought about a revolution in the field of communications. They are one of the biggest blessings of modern science. But it is in our own hands how we use this blessings in a good or bad manner. Often we see people using their mobile while driving. It is very dangerous to do so and many serious accidents have taken-place as a result of this. Now we have a law which prevents the use of mobile while driving. But this low is more often disobeyed then obeyed than obeyed. The statistics provide by the traffic police clearly show that the danger posed by the use of mobiles while driving has not come down in spite of the measures taken by the police. The mobile users themselves will have to realize the difficulties and danger they cause not only to others but also to themselves. And those who break the law should be given a deterrent punishment so that it can serve as a lesson for others.

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