Paragraph for Democracy, Paragraph Democracy in India

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Democracy- The Most Suitable From Of Government For India :

Democracy means equal rights for all. The head of the government has these very rights which the common man has. There is no distinction on the basic of class, religion or creed. Women have all those rights which men have. Thus it is the most suitable form of government in modern times. But it is particularly suitable for a country like India. India is a country with diverse cultures and traditions. There are men who follow different religions and have different political leanings. We can all it a country of diversities. It is only democracy that can lend unity to these diversities. It is only democracy that can give the people a feeling of being united in having equal rights and opportunities. Though it is the majority that rules in a democracy, the minority can’t be denied its basic rights. The minority can protest if they feel that any injustice is being done to them. Democracy is a form of government that is for the good of all people. It can never afford to favour one against the other. People at once vote our such a government that is not fair in its actions and decisions.

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