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The Craze For Professional Courses :

A comprehensive survey was made to know the cause of the craze for professional courses these days. A number of students of classes XI and XII and their parents were interviewed. The survey revealed that it is not the students who are crazy for these courses, It is the parents who want their children to pursue these courses. They pressurise their children to pursue a professional course without considering whether the child has any liking or aptitude for it or not. They pay heavy donations and capitation fees to secure a seat for the child. The child has to undergo the trauma of entrance test and then a long period of stay away from home. Many a time, such children fail to clear their course of study and become drop-outs. So no child should be forced to pursue a course for which he or she has no liking or aptitude. Students should be free to choose courses to suit their own liking and aptitude. Professional courses are very limited in number. They are very hard  and expensive. On the other hand, there are numberless other course that can be pursued without having to go for any entrance test. There are no big fees also. Our success in life doesn’t depend on the course we’ve pursued, but on the right choice of the occupation. This choice has to be made keeping in view our tasted and other factors. In any case, the child must be left free to make his or her own choice.

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