Paragraph for Playing Outdoor Games,Paragraph for outdoor games

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Outdoor Games :

Computer games and video games have become popular with children today. As a result, outdoor games seem to have no place in their life ant more.

Nowadays, computer and video games are becoming more and more popular with school- going children. They enjoy playing these games sitting in their rooms and spend hours on them. They have hardly any interest the playing outdoor games. But these computer and video games do the children a lot of harm. They harm them both physically and mentally. On the other hand, outdoor games are useful both for the mind and the body.                                                They fill the child with energy to work harder. They refresh their mind and then they find it easier to learn in their studies also. While computer and video games are played singly, outdoors games are played in groups with others. Thus they develop in the child a healthy spirit of co-operation as well as competition. Therefore, children mustn’t get addicted to computer and videos games. They can play these games but for a while only. Their chief interest should be in outdoor games which can keep their mind and body in good health.

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