Formal Letter-Letter To Manager for Books Ordering

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Formal letter:

You are Anoop/Akirti of Baden Powel Senior Secondary School, Delhi. Write a letter to the sales Manager, Aparna Publishing House, placing an order for some books [minimum four titles] for your school library. Invent the necessary details.

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Baden Powel  Senior Secondary School


11 March 20–

The Sales Manager

Aparna Publishing House

New Delhi

Subject : Order of books for school library


Kindly supply the following books for our school library at your earliest :

1] A Practical English Grammar by Thomson and Martiner                                            6  Copies

2] Roget’s Thesaurus of Antonyms and Synonyms                                                               3 Copies

3] ABC of Physics for High School by Prof. Gupta                                                                 4 Copies

4] Golden History of India by Jagannath  Grover                                                                  5 Copies

Payment shall be made by D.D. as soon as the books are received. Please give maximum discount that could be available on the purchase of these books.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully


School Library

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