Formal Letter-Letter for Placing Order For Books

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You are Satish /Sonali, the student perfect incharge of the school library. You have been asked to place an order for children’s storybooks [age group : 10-13 yrs]. Write a letter to M.S. Book Depot, Ram Nagar, Bikaner, placing an order for the books. Invent the necessary details.


ABC Public School


29 July 20–

The Manager

M.S.Book Depot

Ram Nager


Dear Sir

We have a well-stocked library in our school.We have books for students of all classes. But our children’s section needs some addition and renovation. Due to overuse and poor handling by young readers, many of the books have become unusable. Therefore, we want an urgent and immediate supply of the books mentioned below. The payment shall be made by cheque as son as the books are received. We need five copies for each of the following books.

1] Amar Chitra Katha –    Vol   I to V

2] Vikram -Baital Chitra Katha

3] Jataka Tales –  latest edition

4] Ram Chand : Indian Folk Tales

5] Enid Blyton : The Mountain of Adventure

6] J.M.Barrie : Peter Pan

7] Lewis Carroll : Alice of Wonderland

8] Dorothy Edwards : My Naughty Little Sister

9] Eileen Colwell : Tell Me a Story

Your faithfully

Satish Kumar

Student Perfect Incharge

School Library

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