Formal Letter-To commissioner’Police against innocent people’

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Brutality Of Police Against Innocent People

A leading news channel recently gave a live coverage of some young slum-dwellers being beaten up mercilessly by the police for crimes not committed by them. Such atrocities shake the very faith of people. Write a letter to the Commissioner of Police urging him to adopt effective measures to curb such brutality against innocent people. You are Nita/Nitesh, a resident of Guwahati.


68 Patel Marg


18 May 20–

The Commissioner of Police

Police Headquarters



It pains me to bring to your kind notice the brutal behaviour of your two constables in the Jahangir Puri area of this city. It is one of the poorest localities of the city and most of the people here are slum-dwellers. Last evening, two of your constables came here, picked three boys playing in the street, and started beating them mercilessly. When I tried to ask them what wrong the boys had done, they rained a couple of blows,on me also. They took the boys to the police station and again beat them black and blue. A man in the police station had come to report that his pocket had been picked. Your policemen suspected those boys of having picked the man’s pocket. But just then another policeman came in with a boy from whom the man’s purse was recovered. Now your policeman had no explanation to give.

Keeping in view such incidents, you are requested to take effective measures to ensure that innocent people are not beaten in such a brutal manner.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully



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