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Formal letter :

You are the Stores Incharge of B.P.J. Senior Secondary School, Meerut. You require various items of furniture such as chairs, desks, almirahs, etc. For your school. Mentioning the details of the items, write a letter to Messrs Chadda Furniture House, 15, Karol Bagh, Delhi, placing the order for furniture. Ask for the discount available on the purchase.

B.P.J. Senior Secondary School


15 May 20–

Messrs Chadda Furniture House

15 Karol Bagh


Subject : Supply of furniture for school


We require the following items of furniture for our school :

1] Chairs [without arms] for use in staff room                                                         15

2] Dual Desks [Wooden]                                                                                              40

3] Tables [Wooden] 2.5′ multiply 3′ multiply 5′                                                       08

4] Lecture stands                                                                                                            05

5] Office almirah [6′ multiply 2′ multiply 3′]                                                             01

All the items should be sturdy and should be made of quality wood. Payment shall be made through D.D. as soon as all the items are received. Also, we expect the usual discount on total purchase.

Yours faithfully

Nitin Sharma

Stores Incharge

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