Letter For The Post of a Receptionist [Formal letter]

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You are Shilpa / Sameer, living in Bangalore. You have just completed your studies and are looking for a job. While browsing through Hindustan Times of 26.01.20–, you come across the following advertisement. Choose a post for which you think you are suitable. Send your application in response to this advertisement.

[Receptionist : Young Female candidates fluent in English with good communication skills and proficiency in computer/ net surfing with 2-3 years experience].

Please send your detailed resume within seven days to the Manager, Fancy Foods, Sector 68, Golagaon.


47 Netaji Avenue


27 Jan 20–

The Manager

Fancy Foods

Sector 68


Subject : Application for the Post of a Receptionist

Dear Sir

With reference to your advertisement in Hindustan Times dated 26.01.20–, I offer my services as a receptionist in your firm. My brief resume is as given below:

1] Name               :      Shilpa Aggarwal

2] Age                   :     24 years

3] Education Qualification :

. Bachelor in Computer Applications [ Delhi University ]

. Diploma in Spoken English [ IELTS ]

. Diploma in Communication Skills [ Cambridge]

4] Work Experience :

. Worked as a receptionist at Hotel Taj for two years.

. Worked as a computer instructor in ITI, Karnal.

Besides, I have a perfect command over spoken English and am quite proficient in computer applications as well as net surfing. I have a pleasing personality and have all the confidence reduired for the post of a receptionist. I hope you will find in me a very suitable candidate.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

Shilpa Aggarwal

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