Formal Letter-Letter To Dealer Complaint About A TV Set

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Ravi Sundram of 28, Civil Lines, Gwalior, bought a colour TV set from Messrs Ram Electronics, 14, Bazaar Marg, Gwalior, about a month ago. Now he finds that the sound is not clear and the picture changes to black and white from time to time. He writes a letter to the dealer complaining about the same and requesting him to attend to it at the earliest. Write the letter.


28 Civil Lines


30 August 2018

Messrs Ram Electronics

14 Bazaar Marg


Subject : A Recently Purchased Colour TV Set

Dear Sirs

I bought a venus Colour TV Set from your shop against cash memo No.1786 dated 1o.7.20– and I regret to inform you that the set is not working properly, to the great dismay of each one in the house. The sound is not clear and the volume keeps fluctuating automatically. The picture also changes to black and white from time to time. The set is still under warranty, and I request you to attend to it at your earliest.

I hope you will enable us to watch on our TV the one -day Singer World Cup cricket matches going to commence next Monday.

Thanking You

Your faithfully

Ravi Sundram


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