Letter for Invitation to Inaugurate the Eye-Donation Camp

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Invitation To Inaugurate The Eye-Donation Camp :

You are Nandini/Navin, President of the Rotary Club, Pune. You are organizing a two-day Eye-Donation Camp in Gandhi Arts College, Pune. This citizen can benefit from free eye check-up and operation for cataract of the eye in the premises. Write a letter to the Minister for Health requesting him or her to be Chief Guest and inaugurate the camp. Do not forget to mention the activities of your club.


Rotary Club


17 Oct 20–

The Hon.Minister for Health



Hon. Sir

The Rotary Club, Pune, has always been associate with various social welfare and service activities. We’ve organised a number of¬† free medical check-up camps and also blood-donation camps. This time, we are organizing a two-day Eye-Donation Camp [23rd- 24th Oct ] in Gandhi Arts College, Pune. A number of people in the city have been motivated to donate their eyes so that when they die, some blinds ones can be able to see the world through their donated eyes. It is hoped that during the camp, many others will be encouraged to follow their good example. Besides, during the camp, there will be a free eye check-up for those who want it, and free operations for the cataract of the eye will also be performed.

You are requested to grace the occasion by inaugurating the camp and by agreeing to be the Chief Guest. The time of inauguration can be adjusted according to your convenience.

Yours faithfully


[ President ]

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