Letter-The Director for Computer Programming Course,

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Official Letters :

Often, we have to write letters to various public and government officers in order to draw their attention to our civic and other problems. For example, we write to the Health Officer about the problem of insanitation, to the Postmaster about the unsatisfactory delivery of our letters, to the Police Department about the law and order problems, and so on. Such letters are called official letters, and they must be very polite and respectful in their tone and language. They are often addressed to the Heads of the concerned departments.

You are Akhil/Karishma of 119, Mall Road, Shimla. You are interested in doing a short-term course in computer programming during your summer vacation. Write a letter to the Director, Computer World, sector 22, Chandigarh, inquiring about the duration of such a course and the terms and conditions for admission.


119 Mall Road


28 July 2018

The Director

Computer World

Sector 22


Subject : Your Computer Programming Course


I have seen the advertisement in the newspaper about your above course. I am interested in doing a short course during my summer vacation. But before that, I would like to have the following information :

1] Duration of the course

2] Charges for the total course

3] Whether to be paid in lump sum or in instalments

4] Whether a diploma or certificate is issued

5] Whether recognised or not

6] Whether daytime or evening course.

On receipt of this information I shall personally come to join the course. A self- addressed and duly stamped envelope is enclosed for the reply.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully


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