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Formal Letter :

You are Mr.R. Singh, HOD Chemistry, Cambridge High School, Pune. You had placed an order with Messrs Scientific Instruments,Dadar, Mumbai, for test tubes and jars for the lab.When the parcel was received, you observed that marketing on the test tubes were not clear and some of the jars were damaged. Write a letter of complaint seeking immediate replacement.


HOD Chemistry

Cambridge High School


30 June 20–

Messrs Scientific Instruments



Subject : Replacement of Substandard / Damaged Goods

Dear Sirs

We had placed an order with you on 10th May 20Рfor the supply of 100 test tubes and 50 jars for our Chemistry laboratory. It was agreed while placing the order that the responsibility  for the safe delivery of goods at our premises would rest entirely on your company. The parcel of goods was received this morning but to our dismay, when the parcel was opened,most of the items were found either substandard or damaged. While the markings on the test tubes are not clear, twelve of the jars are broken. It speaks volumes about the carelessness at your end.

Please arrange to take the delivery back at your own cost and supply us fresh items of standard quality.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

R. Singh

[ HOD, Chemistry ]