Complaint Letter About a Mobile Phone [Formal letter]

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Formal Letter :

You are Mahesh of 65,P.H. Road, Mangalore. Recently, you bought a mobile phone from ‘ The Phone Point’, 83, Mount Road, Mangalore. The phone instrument developed a problems within a month of purchase. Write a letter to the dealer giving details of the nature of the problem and asking him/her to rectify the defect or replace the set.


65 P.H. Road


20 Dec 2018

The Sales Manager

The Phone Point

83 Mount Road


Subject : Replacement of Defective Mobile Phone

Dear Sir

Last month, I bought a mobile phone– Nokia 99– from your showroom. The cash memo issued by you bears serial number 186 dated 15.11.20–. The set was bought against a warranty of two years. It worked so- so for a couple of days and then started giving all sorts of trouble. All through a call, jarring sounds keep coming from the set and sometime the call gets terminated all of a sudden.The battery too goes low very unexpectedly. Now i find that there is something gravely wrong with the set. Since the set is yet within the warranty period, it is requested that the set may please be replaced with a perfectly working one. Kindly have the replacement done at your earliest and oblige.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully


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